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OPO: Other products and services

OPO Other products and services
Up to date pricelist


VW7 is a seven band absolute calibration jig that allows to calibrate the gauges used with CT7; it is a very sturdy precision apparatus that needs no maintenance.
  • Absolute accuracy: 0.2%
  • Price: 12,800.00€


VW3 is the same instrument as VW7, fitted with a three band source (365; 590; 940 nm).
  • Price: 10,900.00€

S7 & S3

S7 is a 7 band replacement source. S3 is the 3 band version of the source fitted in apparatus.
  • Price: 3,600.00€ (including exchange and settings in reflectometer).


Calibration gauge (absolutely calibrated).
  • Price: 900.00€


Scattering (5% or 10%) calibration gauge.
  • Price: 400.00€


GCal is a recalibration of the absolute reflectance gauge.

  • For 7 wl: 500.00€
  • For 3 wl: 200.00€

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